Monday, February 9, 2015


 Sometimes, I like to go back through a foster's "history"-- to go over where they came from to how they are doing now.    It's fun to see how far they have come.
 Chumley was in a shelter near me.
 He was in terrible shape-- matted hair, infected skin.
 In spite of his physical condition, he was a joyful dog.
 He had to be shaved down, but my groomer at Acredale Animal Hospital (Va. Beach) did a great job saving some of his tail.   You can see he was pretty thin.  
 My friend was going to foster him, but I took care of him while she was on a trip-- Chumley made himself right at home.   On the table....
 on the couch....
 on the fireplace....
 My granddaughter, Bitty Bit, fell in love with him.    He loved her, too.
 When she went home after a visit, he went up to her room and got on her bed.   (We have a "grandbit" room at our house-- 3 beds, toys, table/chairs, and dogs!)
 We first thought Chumley was about 5-6, but as time went on (and he didn't go back to my friend's house), I realized he was an older boy.    He's a little stiff, and has a lot of gray, but he wags his tail all the time.  
 He LOVES his tennis ball dumbell.  
 He's great with the grandbits.   Here he is with Beach Bit.
Our granddaughter cried everytime she went home after a visit.    She was afraid she would never see Chumley again-- so being the doting grandparents that we are, we have adopted Chumley so that Bitty Bit never has to worry that he won't be here.    Chumley now has his forever home.  Ours!


lady jicky said...

Congrats Linda on your new baby!

Toni Davis said...

Awwww, that is such a sweet story! Congrats on your new fur-baby and for loving your grands to infinity!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Congratulations to Chumley on his new/the most wonderful home EVER and also to Linda for her new boy! I love it!!