Thursday, July 31, 2014

CAMDEN (formerly Cham)

Camden (aka Cham) came into rescue from a Maryland shelter.  He is between 1 AND 2 years old, quite young and full of energy.  
 He has a damaged eye that ruptured and could not be saved.
 So, he joined the Peke Pirate Club.   It has a large membership!
 The surgery hasn't slowed him down a bit!
 "Catch me if you can!"
 He runs this way--
 and kicks up his feet!
 And then he'll take a break.
 And then look for someone to run with.
 "Where are you?"
 "I'm looking."
 "Well, I'm just going to head out and find someone."
"I think I see someone!"
 "Yep!   Dollar is there-- I'm going to chase him!"
 "Wait, I said chase.   You stopped!"
 "Come on, Dollar, get moving."
 "Sitting down isn't what I meant!"
And he's off on his own.    He is one happy boy!  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 Lexie has been here over a month and is feeling so much better.   Next week, my vet will begin adjusting her medications to see how she does.   She will be closely monitored.   She lives each day fully and with joy and today, she discovered toys!
 After she found it and was playing, I gently rolled it for her and she went after it!
 And she brought it back to where I was sitting.
 Now is this the cutest picture of her!?
 Koko was not to be undone.   She found a toy and ran around with it flopping and flying in her mouth.
She played with it until Max stole it from her!    Max, the toy stealer-- yep, he lives here, too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 Remember Chloe?   She came from a shelter a week and a half ago.  
 She is in a foster home and settled in pretty quickly.  When she saw her foster mom packing a bag, she jumped in!
 "I don't think she'll notice the extra 12 pounds in there."   She's a small one.
 She is housetrained and very smart.
 Even though she only weighs 12 pounds, she loves to eat-- are you a St. Bernard?
 And even though she's small, she can JUMP!   I think some have springs on their legs.
Chloe is only four years old and is ready for her forever home!

Monday, July 28, 2014


 Five years ago, we had a foster dog who was adopted and named Trio.   Her new mom and dad said it was their third anniversary present-- I've never forgotten.
 She became Arbie's sister and the two were inseparable.
 Almost every picture of them showed two dogs-- not one.
 They slept together on the couch...
 on the dog beds...
 on big pillows.  
Arbie  passed away and I am so sorry.  I know that her family is devastated and I'm sure Trio is missing her best buddy.   Rest now, sweet Arbie.     You'll see your family again.


 This is Tucker.   I received an email from a shelter and they asked us to take him into rescue.
 He's a bit of a mix-- but something about his eyes grabbed me.   We took a vote with the board to see if we could help him and we could.
  I found out that his owner had "too many dogs" so she took him to the shelter.  He was in the shelter 6 weeks, so his time was limited.  He was terrified there, but when he was out with other dogs, he was fine.  
Tucker is in a temporary foster home, he enjoys the other dogs, ignores the cats, is housetrained, and loves to sit on your lap.    I'll have more information once the vet evaluates him this week, but for now, he is safe.   Welcome to rescue Tucker.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


 I know this is  a Peke blog.   So, I'm putting in a few Pekes. :-)   Koko was watching Matt, my husband, cooking and she was hoping something would fall to the ground.
 Lexie was watching me-- probably hoping I  had something for her.
 But, today's blog is about Puff Daddy.   And it's about rescues working together.   Puff Daddy was in a shelter near me, and they asked if I could help find a rescue for him.   The Heartworm Project Rescue (who takes more than heartworm positive dogs) stepped up!    He looked like he had no hope.   He was miserable.
 Puff Daddy began to feel better and his hair began to grow back.   Look at him watching the person taking his picture-- do you see some hope there?  I do.
 Look at him now!    His skin has healed, his hair has grown back.
 "I'M HAPPY!!"
The difference in his skin and his spirit is astounding!   I LOVE when rescues work together!!   Thank you to all who were involved.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


 For being a white dog, Rammi Ju is actually very easy to take care of.   For some reason, he just stays clean.
 He loves to be outside, but he doesn't pick up the mulch and dirt that some of the others do.
 Like the rest, though, he has regular baths.   He was wet here.   In the summer, I can let them air dry on the porch and then come inside.   He was still a little damp here, but oh well.
Come on Rammi-- let's go blow you dry.   And this was his response (well, not really, but it sounded good).