Monday, July 28, 2014


 This is Tucker.   I received an email from a shelter and they asked us to take him into rescue.
 He's a bit of a mix-- but something about his eyes grabbed me.   We took a vote with the board to see if we could help him and we could.
  I found out that his owner had "too many dogs" so she took him to the shelter.  He was in the shelter 6 weeks, so his time was limited.  He was terrified there, but when he was out with other dogs, he was fine.  
Tucker is in a temporary foster home, he enjoys the other dogs, ignores the cats, is housetrained, and loves to sit on your lap.    I'll have more information once the vet evaluates him this week, but for now, he is safe.   Welcome to rescue Tucker.

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lady jicky said...

When I looked at Tucker I could see him in a home where someone is retired and just wants a little happy dog .
You are all so wonderful doing this work Linda ---- I know its not easy!!!

I am doing my adoption dance for dear Tucker!!!