Thursday, July 17, 2014


 McKenzie came to us last week.    He is about 12-13.   His owner turned him in-- he needed bladder stone surgery and they couldn't afford to do it.  
 He has been loved a lot and they hated to give him up.
 You can see he is a happy boy.
 He is in good health otherwise and will have surgery soon.
 He looks like he could be related to my foster dog, Rammi-- his coloring and markings are very similar.
Once he has his surgery, he will be ready for a home.   We have a lot of seniors right now and would love to find them homes.   I know they don't have the years to give, but they sure have the love.   What a gift you could give them by adopting them.   Let us know if, like us, you love these seniors and would be able to help one have a loving, forever home.

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lady jicky said...

Love the senior's !!!!