Friday, July 18, 2014


 I picked up Hollyberry from a local shelter in December of 2012.    She was turned in by someone who said her owner had died.
 Hollyberry had not had the best care, and she needed help-- we were ready to give her that.
 She was popular at the shelter and she spent a lot of time being carried around.     She was a dollbaby.
 She met her new mom after she had her surgeries and was ready to go to her forever home.   She had some masses removed when she was in rescue and we thought she was fine.
 Her cancer came back and spread to her bones and she only had 18 months with her new mom.    She left a lot of little sweetheart paw prints on her heart-- and she will be missed.  
Thank you, Jean, for adopting and loving this very precious little one.    You gave  her 18 months of love and her life ended with you and in your care.    We love you, Hollyberry-- run  free now, sweet one.


Nicky said...

So sorry your time with Hollyberry was so short. Thank you PVPR for rescuing her and finding her this wonderful home. As far as it is to lose our furbabies, our lives are better for having had them in them and we will love them forever.

lady jicky said...

Hollyberry had love and care in her final days and that is wonderful when you think of what she might have had.

I am so sorry for your loss.