Friday, July 11, 2014


 Starlight came into rescue in 2008.   She was in rough shape, kept in a crate in a pitch black room.  She had not been treated well.    She stayed with me for fostering.   She had a lot of trust issues.
 People came to meet her, but she would have none of it!  She became baby cujo if people wanted to touch her, let alone hold her!      So, because of her personality, I've never taken her to the groomer.  I've done it myself.  She has a beautiful coat, but lately, she seems hot and I can bathe, do nails, trim paws-- but I cannot do haircuts.  Nope.   I do a terrible job.
 So, I took her to my vet for grooming.  I told them she had all her morning meds, including an extra one for anxiety.   I told them she may not make it and just to call me.    My husband and I took bets on whether we would be called-- we both thought we would.
 Well, I did get a call.  They said, "Don't worry, Starlight is giving us kisses."  
 Did someone switch out my dog?
 She came home with a bandana, shorter hair (not too close, don't want to change how her coat grows), ribbons in her ears.  
 My son in law said she looks like a marshmellow now!
Oh, the look-- did he hurt your feelings?   You look beautiful!    Now we can take bets on how long the bows will stay in there!


lady jicky said...

Ms Starlight ..... you are a Cool Beauty!!!

Like my Moi Moi and Coco always say .... "there is nothing like a Day of Beauty girrrrrl !!! "

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

I didn't think she could get any cuter and now she has! Hooray for Starlight! LOL