Thursday, July 31, 2014

CAMDEN (formerly Cham)

Camden (aka Cham) came into rescue from a Maryland shelter.  He is between 1 AND 2 years old, quite young and full of energy.  
 He has a damaged eye that ruptured and could not be saved.
 So, he joined the Peke Pirate Club.   It has a large membership!
 The surgery hasn't slowed him down a bit!
 "Catch me if you can!"
 He runs this way--
 and kicks up his feet!
 And then he'll take a break.
 And then look for someone to run with.
 "Where are you?"
 "I'm looking."
 "Well, I'm just going to head out and find someone."
"I think I see someone!"
 "Yep!   Dollar is there-- I'm going to chase him!"
 "Wait, I said chase.   You stopped!"
 "Come on, Dollar, get moving."
 "Sitting down isn't what I meant!"
And he's off on his own.    He is one happy boy!  


lady jicky said...

Oh my..... what a handsome man!

Even with only one eye he is a delight so I hope he finds a home really soon !!!

Anonymous said...

What joy it is to see these happy Pekes. I'm a life long Peke(s) owner and we currently have one adopted Peke having lost two wonderful Furry Children within the last two years. Patches and Cupcake were our beloved Pekes who each lived to age 14 and passed within a year of each other.

Bandit is our "new" guy and he was a rescue we adopted. He's a young guy and so full of life and vigor. He had some issues having been removed from a household with many children and was afraid of everything it seemed. When his foster mom and dad brought him to us he hid under my desk until my husband got him to come out by laying on the floor UNDER my desk with him until Bandit felt comfortable. Bandit and Husband are inseparable now and I'm merely the backup when Husband has to travel on his job. He "talks" to Bandit when he's out of town and Bandit runs to the office when the phone rings because he knows he'll get to talk to Daddy.