Wednesday, July 9, 2014


 I hurt my back last week.   I thought it was just minor, but it has continued on into something painful.   So, I'm laying around a lot with ice  packs.    The dogs are laying around, too.   Pi-Pi, my daughter's Shepherd-Lab mix is in one of the bigger Peke beds.
 Kai Kai is on the floor, but later, he'll move to a higher level.
 Rammi Ju usually hangs out in this spot between the coffee table and the couch where he can keep an eye on me.
 Scooter is spread out here by the rocker.
 Lottie, my daughter's 14 year old found Pi-Pi's bed.    Guess that's why Pi was in the Peke bed.
 Starlight finds a cool spot in the kitchen.
 Max just picks any spot that has a toy!
 KoKo doesn't care where she is.
 But, Lexie does-- she wanted to be on the couch with me.   Yes, curled up beside me.
 Awe, Kai  Kai has found his favorite spot now-- on top of the couch cushions.
 Scooter just wants some snuggle pets.
Yes, if Mom's laying out, so are the dogs!  It's a quiet day around here.    Hope to be back in action soon!


lady jicky said...

Try to take it easy Linda and I do hope your back is fine real soon!!!

Martha Lambert said...

That is what I call being surrounded with love to the (highest) Peke. Hope you get to feeling better.