Wednesday, July 23, 2014


 When Gus came into rescue, he was miserable!
 He was full of fleas, he had lost a lot of his hair.  
 His eye area was in bad shape and he was just dejected.   Jeanne, his foster mom, performed miracles! (with her wonderful vet at Farmer's Animal Hospital in Richmond)
 And look at him now!  Can you believe it!
 Gus went from 11 skinny pounds to 15 pounds of happiness.
 The fleas are long gone, his skins has healed and his hair has grown back.
 He is laid back and sweet!   I don't usually fall in love with the other foster dogs-- after all, I have enough here to fall in love with! :-)   But, I fell for Gus.   He is SO sweet.  
 He's very comfortable at Jeanne's, but of course, our goal is to find the foster dogs new homes so we can take in another foster.    If I didn't have so many, I'd take Gus.   He is a sweetheart!  He is 7 years old, so has many more years to enjoy the life he has now.   If you are interested in him, just email us at

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lady jicky said...

Oh boy Jeanne did wonders for Gus!!!
He is not the same dog!!

I am sure sweet Gus will be adopted really soon Jeanne and Linda :)