Monday, July 7, 2014


 Jax (aka Jack) is a 3 year old Peke mix.   He became paralyzed somehow and his family couldn't take care of him.   Toy Breeds in Need rescue took him in.    I'm so glad they did.  
 He had sores on his back legs from dragging himself around on the basement cement.    When the rescue went to get him, he was in a crate too small for him, smelling of urine.    I know he'll never see that crate again!  Look at him now, a soft bed, toys...
 He has friends in his foster home and is having a grand time playing.    Jax is paralyzed in the back end, but he is showering his foster parents with lots of kisses.   He's a very sweet boy.
 Paralyzed dogs can lead a wonderful life.   His new scoot sack helps protect his legs from abrasion as he pulls himself around-- and he looks pretty spiffy in it!  In the words of his rescue group, Paralyzed dogs "deserve our admiration. They are still dogs. They continue to love with their whole hearts and will happily work twice as hard to do the things they enjoy doing. They do not wallow. They do not complain. They keep moving, looking forward to every sunny day, every new toy, every meal, every moment with their family."
Jax has begun supplements and acupuncture treatment to see if that will help him regain the use of his back legs.   He's a happy boy!    If you would like to give him a home, email  


lady jicky said...

Jax is such a happy boy and you can just see it in the photo's Linda.

I am doing my Adoption Dance for little brave Jax!
This boy needs a loving home .
Maybe not a home with children but a home with someone who is lonely and will really enjoy making Jax's life wonderful.
You know .... both the new owner and Jax will get A lot of comfort and delight in their lives :)

jlgaertner said...

I just love his smile!