Sunday, July 27, 2014


 I know this is  a Peke blog.   So, I'm putting in a few Pekes. :-)   Koko was watching Matt, my husband, cooking and she was hoping something would fall to the ground.
 Lexie was watching me-- probably hoping I  had something for her.
 But, today's blog is about Puff Daddy.   And it's about rescues working together.   Puff Daddy was in a shelter near me, and they asked if I could help find a rescue for him.   The Heartworm Project Rescue (who takes more than heartworm positive dogs) stepped up!    He looked like he had no hope.   He was miserable.
 Puff Daddy began to feel better and his hair began to grow back.   Look at him watching the person taking his picture-- do you see some hope there?  I do.
 Look at him now!    His skin has healed, his hair has grown back.
 "I'M HAPPY!!"
The difference in his skin and his spirit is astounding!   I LOVE when rescues work together!!   Thank you to all who were involved.

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lady jicky said...

Now that is just Wonderful !!!

I do hope Puffy has found a lovely home :)

I am doing an Adoption Dance for him right now!