Friday, July 4, 2014


Fourth of July is a great day to celebrate our freedom. But, that celebration can be very loud and very scary for dogs. In fact, July 5th is the day the most pets are brought into shelter by animal control because so many run in fear from the sound of fireworks. Please: Keep your pet inside in a secure place.

Some need medication to stay somewhat calm.   Rammi was afraid of thunderstorms in the past, so I suspect if he hears fireworks, he will not be a happy camper!  I also use a large fan to create white noise to block out the fireworks sounds. Always, no matter what day it is, keep a collar and name tag on your pet. IF your pet gets out, you can be called if someone finds it. Block your doors if you are having guests over so that your dog cannot escape if frightened. For more tips, go to this site: Click
here: Dog Tip: Holiday Fireworks

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lady jicky said...

Have a great day but ....keep away from the fireworks!!