Tuesday, March 31, 2015


 Bubba came into rescue last March.   He went to Jackie and Bill's for fostering.
 His previous owner posted a note on a coffee shop board to give him away.    He is SO sweet, I don't know why she would part with him.
 Bubba doesn't know why either-- oh, the look!
 He can be long-suffering. haha
 But, he lives in luxury-- and he makes sure all the blankets his mom makes for fosters are just right.
 He has doggy siblings and a real boy sibling!    He was out in the snow with the rest of them.  
 Being snuggled up on warm blankets is much better though.    His foster mom and dad decided early on that they couldn't part with him.   So, he is there to stay!  
Happy Adopt-a-versary sweet boy!

Monday, March 30, 2015


 This was Gimmie in the shelter.   He was turned in with his brother, Bear-Bear.  They really weren't bonded.    Neither had the care they needed before, and we were told they were 7-8 years old.   The story was that their owner went to a nursing home-- but we don't know if that is true or not.    We hear a lot of "stories."  
 I had asked for pre-surgery blood work to be done before he was neutered at the shelter.   It was-- but no one looked at it and Gimmie had a rough time after surgery.   He went into ICU at my vet as soon as I got him.    He should have never had surgery at that time.
 He got better and he showed his incredibly wonderful personality.    He is so small, and Jeanne, his foster mom, adored him.
 He didn't stay there long-- Leslie wanted to adopt him.   He just had that look and people couldn't resist him.
 He can make the cutest faces!
 He loves to be held and snuggles with his Pop here.
 He is king of his home-- and sit on her throne. :-)    The sun shining on his head gives him a very regal appearance, don't you think?
This picture, not so regal, haha.    He was not in foster care long, because his mom adopted him within a month of him coming to us.  It was love and still is.    He just had his 2 year "gotha day" anniversary with her.   Makes my heart smile to see that sweet boy!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


 Lulu was one of our foster dogs in 2012.   Jeanne fostered her and she was a sweetheart!
 In the shelter, she was terrified-- normal for these little ones-- but out of the shelter, she was a perfect little girl.
 She loves children-- which was a plus for her!
 She was adopted to a family who has children or all ages, and Lulu adores each one.   She has been with her family for almost 3 years!   Hard to believe it's been that long.  
She fits right in with the kids, the toys, even the snow.   (Yes, Melinda, it snowed up in Maryland this week-end.  We aren't sure when winter is going to end!   We may have to all go to Australia.)   Lulu is an adored part of her family!  

Saturday, March 28, 2015


 I love looking back at foster dogs we had a while back and seeing how they are doing. Sugar was about 2 years old when she was a foster dog.
 Sugar (aka Sugar Annie) was at a shelter and was terrified.   She would not have anything to do with me.    She was a lot like Starlight-- she didn't trust people.
 Her foster mom said Sugar would prefer to be an only dog, but in the meantime, Sugar "put up" with her siblings.    Her foster mom also enjoyed dressing her up.  Love this outfit.
 Sugar was adopted after several months in foster care.   She is now about ten years old, but still looks like a puppy.
 This was taken several years ago, but I know Sugar probably still has quite a wardrobe.
She is adored by her family, and is loved so much.   What else could we ask for?   I'll have to ask her mom to give her a hug for me-- because I know Sugar probably still wouldn't let me do it. :-)

Friday, March 27, 2015


 Lexie has been wearing sweaters all winter.   She is ready to be done with them!
 The last few days have been warmer, so we are seeing how she does without one.  
 She doesn't care-- as long as she has her tennis ball.
 Yes, that ball is her favorite thing in the whole world.  
 Lexie had her red blood count checked at the internist.   It was 29 this week.   That is good.   He said we cannot change any of her meds yet, as she needs to be stable for a few months.  The last time we made an adjustment, her red blood count crashed to 16-- not good at all.   (normal is 40-60)  
She has also gone into a "I don't want to eat that anymore" stage.  Really?  You're going to be picky?   You want to be hand fed sometimes?  Okay, Okay.   I'll do it.    We are all pulling for Lexie to go into remission from the IMHA.   It does happen sometimes.   If you want to help with a donation to Team Lexie, just go to our web site and make a donation on Paypal or by sending a check.  www.potomacpekes.org     Thank you to all who have supported her care.   She is such a sweet girl and deserves all we can do for her!    And to give you a smile, I made a video of her.    Click here: LexieMarch2015 - YouTube

Thursday, March 26, 2015


 For those who have followed this blog or our rescue group, you probably remember the Bristol 18 rescue in August of 2010.   I can't believe it's been almost 5 years.   Katrina, now Pretty Penny, was one of the last we took in.
 She was bathed and vetted, but she was still scared and unsure of what the future held.
 Beth and David fostered her and loved on her until she found a home.    Now, Penny has two brothers.
 Cosmo is his mama's boy.    Look at that face!
 I think he is pretty comfortable.
 Jay Jay is Penny's other brother.   Jay Jay was Phyllis' foster dog-- she wasn't looking for another dog after she adopted Penny, but Jay Jay was looking for her!
 Cosmo is happy with his family-- he's so glad to have buddies.   Right?  Are you awake?
 Penny loves to curl up in the pachysandra.   It must be really soft.
 You aren't getting cold?  Isn't that ice there?
 Cosmo and Jay Jay are looking on.   Hello Cosmo!
Penny celebrated her rescue birthday in December.  She has been with her new mom for over four years now.   You have come so far and are just beautiful Penny!!    Pretty Penny!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Annabelle and Starlight (below) must be related.  They are both small Pekes.   They both like to get under chairs or tables.
 They can use them as a head rest.  
 They both will go in the snow-- but they also expect to be coddled while they are out there.
 That means "please bring me in.  I'm ready."
 They don't mind other dogs-- in fact, sometimes, they will snuggle with them.
 Sharing isn't their best trait, but they can do it.  
 They both love soft blankets, curling up for a time out.   They keep an eye on their servants (us) and stay close.   They want to make sure we are available if they need something.
Starlight is right in front of my desk here.   In her hidey hole in the office, on a soft blanket, ready to let me know her latest wish.   Yes, Starlight and Annabelle must be related. They are both little princesses!   (And cujos!)