Thursday, March 26, 2015


 For those who have followed this blog or our rescue group, you probably remember the Bristol 18 rescue in August of 2010.   I can't believe it's been almost 5 years.   Katrina, now Pretty Penny, was one of the last we took in.
 She was bathed and vetted, but she was still scared and unsure of what the future held.
 Beth and David fostered her and loved on her until she found a home.    Now, Penny has two brothers.
 Cosmo is his mama's boy.    Look at that face!
 I think he is pretty comfortable.
 Jay Jay is Penny's other brother.   Jay Jay was Phyllis' foster dog-- she wasn't looking for another dog after she adopted Penny, but Jay Jay was looking for her!
 Cosmo is happy with his family-- he's so glad to have buddies.   Right?  Are you awake?
 Penny loves to curl up in the pachysandra.   It must be really soft.
 You aren't getting cold?  Isn't that ice there?
 Cosmo and Jay Jay are looking on.   Hello Cosmo!
Penny celebrated her rescue birthday in December.  She has been with her new mom for over four years now.   You have come so far and are just beautiful Penny!!    Pretty Penny!


lady jicky said...

What a beautiful girl Penny is!

I am so happy she found a loving home ... that is what ALL dogs should have , but many do not:(

I am so happy for Pretty Penny - 4 years Linda .... Oh my , how time flies!

Mimi said...

What a happy and beautiful pack of pekes! Chien Chien sends greetings to Pretty Penny, her namesake (in Mandarin Chinese). Thank you Linda! ECP