Wednesday, March 25, 2015


 Annabelle and Starlight (below) must be related.  They are both small Pekes.   They both like to get under chairs or tables.
 They can use them as a head rest.  
 They both will go in the snow-- but they also expect to be coddled while they are out there.
 That means "please bring me in.  I'm ready."
 They don't mind other dogs-- in fact, sometimes, they will snuggle with them.
 Sharing isn't their best trait, but they can do it.  
 They both love soft blankets, curling up for a time out.   They keep an eye on their servants (us) and stay close.   They want to make sure we are available if they need something.
Starlight is right in front of my desk here.   In her hidey hole in the office, on a soft blanket, ready to let me know her latest wish.   Yes, Starlight and Annabelle must be related. They are both little princesses!   (And cujos!)

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

I think Moi Moi must be a cousin!

Moi does not like to share and she has a little place under a small table in my bedroom that has the TV ontop .
ONLY Moi can sleep there ... she will not share with Coco.
We call it "The Princess Room" !! LOL