Friday, March 13, 2015


I did a blog on this before, but I thought it was important enough to do again.   
 Before you adopt me and take me home, remember, I AM A FOREVER DOG.   (Chewman is above-- he is a forever dog!)      
 I am not an "until you are bored with me" dog.   (Gus on his pillow tower.)
 I am not "until you find a boyfriend" dog.   (Gus is sound asleep in his bed.)
 I am not an "until I get old" dog.   (Beau Bob was recovering from anesthesia and it gave him an adorable loopy look.)
 I am not an "until you have to move" dog.    (Maddy knows his parents would never leave him.)
I am not an "until you get a new puppy" dog.  (Starlight knows she's here to stay!)
 I am not an "until you get tired of me" dog.   (My Max above knows that no matter who comes here, foster or permanent, he is not going anywhere.)
I am a forever dog.    If you can't promise me forever, I'm not your dog!    (Lexie was napping after a full breakfast.)    In rescue, we want forever homes for each of our fosters-- they deserve it.

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lady jicky said...

Every dog - infact , every pet is Forever!

If you cannot or don't want to do this .... buy a doll!