Thursday, March 31, 2016


 Darcy Jeanne is our Jeanne's twin sister's dog.   She became Janice's "heart dog."   She was twelve years old and still had years to love her family.
 Yesterday, about noon, Darcy got sick.   She was rushed to the vet and was diagnosed with a twisted intestine.    She was rushed to the surgeon but her blood pressure and temperature were so high they could not do surgery.   She was kept there to be monitored in hopes that she would become stable enough to do the surgery.    Unfortunately, she could not stabilize and she died early this morning.
Her siblings, Stuart, and Muriel Penny will miss her so much.  Her mom and dad are devastated.   Losing one is so painful, and Darcy had a special place in their hearts.    Darcy was so loved.
I'm so very sorry for your loss, Janice.  My heart is with you.


Why do Pekingese have flat faces?   
Were they bred to "be ugly" in order to scare off evil spirits?   (Who could call this ugly!)
My Max think the whole idea of being ugly is just hysterical.  
One of my Pekes used to grab a tupperware bowl  and run around the house.   He inevitably ran into door jams.   That was years ago and I would not let one do that now?    Did that activity make his face flatter??
Do Pekes run into parked cars and walls?  Or just let the cold snow gently flatten their face?
Poppy must not have run into much-- but then again, she isn't a full Peke.   She has a nose!
Maybe the flying ears kept Poppy from running into things.   At the last minute, the ears made her turn.   Air Lift!
Do they dive into their food bowls too hard and flatten their faces?
Tucker doesn't-- again, he's not a full Peke.    Safe!
And this is why most have a flat face.  Like Maddy, they use long term efforts to make their faces flatter-- just wedge themselves at the door all night and it gives the desired effect.   What other reasons can you think of for their flat faces??

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


A Maryland shelter sent me this picture of Waddles.   He was a stray and is a senior.   The shelter said he doesn't have many teeth, needs some help for his skin and he needs eye drops.    Why do these older dogs end up on the street???    Does the owner get tired of them?   Do they get out of their yard and the owner doesn't know how to find them??    I don't know.  But, it breaks my heart that they end up abandoned.    We asked for a foster home and we had some people step up!  I'm so glad.
 Ida sprung him from the shelter yesterday and our vet will check him out completely.    You know we go above and beyond to see what is going on with these little ones.   And we go above and beyond to help the Pekingese in our care.   We will be posting more information on Waddles.    I think his name is so cute!
p.s.  Here he is after we got him yesterday.   He had to be shaved down because of matting.   And two nails were imbedded in his paws and he had to be sedated to cut them.   His life will be better now!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 I thought you'd like an update on Sherry's Pekes-- you know, Joyful and her friends!  
 Norton now has a nick name of Mr. Chill.   He is doing well, and has improved a lot since we got him.    His bladder infection is gone and his eyes look so much better.    Pekes that have dry have must have drops at least twice a day, without fail, to keep their eyes lubricated.  
 Joyful Grace is now the explorer-- we are starting to have warm weather and Joyful is enjoying it.   She loves to just wander and sniff in the yard.    She is actually getting some hair back!   I never thought she would, but it's coming in.    She will continue to wear little shirts and the sweaters will be put away as the temperatures rise.
 Daisy is easy going and she loves the sunshine.   When winter begins to leave, all the dogs love to go out and just bask in the warmth.   I do, too!
 Rudy is recovering GREAT from his stroke!    He goes up and down the ramp now, and is walking well and becoming Sherry's shadow again.   His head still has a little tilt. but it just gives him charm.
 All the dogs are enjoying being outside more.   Festus is still the head of the family, and is his mom's boy.  
All the dogs are seniors and Sherry likes that just fine.    Our foster parents are the best-- I'm so glad we have ones who love the seniors.  Without them, so many would not be safe.   Thank you, Sherry!

Monday, March 28, 2016


 Luke was a ten year old whose owners took him to the shelter.    I don't know the reason-- but it breaks my heart that older dogs are put in shelters.  (I hate when any dog loses their home.)   He isn't a Pekingese, but I wanted to share his story anyway.
 I personally wish more people would adopt seniors-- they are the best!   They have so much love to give.  They need us.   My daughter saw that Luke was in a shelter.   She follows the shelter notifications.   And in Molly's true fashion and heart, she let her friends know.   It turned out that one of them had a dog who was grieving the loss of his best friend.   So, they went to the shelter and met my  Molly there.   They took their older dog, too-- and these two did great!
 Luke acts as if he has always lived there.  
 He loves watching the kids in the court, riding their bikes.   He doesn't leave his new mom's side.
 His new brother dog has already begun to do better-- with a new bounce in his step.   A dog who is used to having another dog can grieve the loss of their friend, and having another dog is a way to help them.   Some dogs just NEED a doggy friend.
 Luke found a comfy spot to sleep for the night.
Easter morning-- he was happy, with his ball, watching his new kids, and loving his new home.  
 He loves having a big soft bed and now he has Henry, his best buddy.  He has a mom and dad, he has kids who already love him.   Thank you, Molly, for your helping find Luke a home!
Adopt a senior!!   They are so worth it.   (More Pekes tomorrow!)

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Meet Waddles.   He was a stray in Maryland and ended up in a shelter.   He is a senior and we need a foster home for him.    He will be vetted first.   He needs a dental (which we will do first), and will probably need eye drops daily.    If you could long term foster this sweet boy, please let us know.  We cannot take him without a place to put him.  Email Jeanne at   The shelter said he is fine with other dogs and very sweet.   

You must have an approved foster application before fostering.  Our on line applications are at   


 Desi is all dressed up for Easter.
 She is so beautiful and I love to use her pictures for holidays blogs.  
 Many of you may not know that Desi was rescued by a wonderful family.   Desi has been left chained outside all the time and so this new family rescued her, but could not keep her.   They wanted her to be safe, and they contacted us.      Desi has seizures and needed medical help.  
 We took her into rescue and her  mom is a vet!!  (They adopted her in early 2010.   Can it be six years already!?)   Desi gets all the medical attention she needs!)
 Desi is here with Onslow, her best friend.   Onslow had his own medical issues-- he was in severe pain and had to have back surgery.   That's when he joined the family and he is so sweet!
 Desi and tiny Sampson are snuggled in the Easter basket.  I think that would be enough treat for anyone!
 Dollar, I see you peeking at us.  
 Did you climb into the basket looking for Easter treats?
 Onslow has his Easter shirt on.
 I think he is licking because he must have had an Easter treat!
 Here is Rammi-- he is so pretty!   He was at my house for awhile, but Camp Runamuck was a little too much for him.   He adores Roger and follows him around.
 The gang is ready for a treat!
 Cassidy is out enjoying the Easter weather.
 And he really wonders about these strange "Peke" that is sitting there.
 Desi is wondering what carrots have to do with Easter!   Are they edible?   I don't think so.
 Sweet Gunther is an older Peke.  Gunther is a tiny boy, with heart issues, but he stole Lucinda's heart.   (She has a special love for the black Pekes-- I do, too!)
 Kipper, has his Easter hat and tie on....
 And Kipper is ready for Easter.   I love your tie!
 He is giving us a dapper look here!  
 Monkey is posing-- I think he was watching the rest of the gang.   He is available for adoption.   He likes men the most-- for some reason, he doesn't trust women, but he would love a home where a Daddy would love him.   (Just email us at if you are interested in him.)
Last is Sampson.  He came into rescue very sick, but has done great under the care of our wonderful Roanoke vet, Lucinda (Dr. Hodges at Harris Animal Hospital).    Desi and  her family, and all of us at Potomac Pekes wish you a wonderful Easter!!