Thursday, March 17, 2016


Sugar Bit is almost 11 months old!   Hard to believe.
She has been around dogs since she was days old.   They make her smile and laugh.
Her brother, Beach Bit, loves dogs and has great empathy for the ones who are sick or need extra help.   He has gone on many vet visits with me.
 Beach Bit and Sugar Bit have two dogs of their own.
 Yes, they've been crawled on my dogs...  I'm very careful.  (This was my foster, Madeline, who adores children.)
They have been  kissed by dogs...  Sugar Bit has shared secrets, toys, and fun.
 She has not learned the art of throwing the toy yet, much to Chumley's dismay.
 She loves big dogs and small dogs.
 She has learned to open the "gate" so a new one will be going in that she can't open.
 Sometimes, Sugar Bit goes in the playpen so I can get something done.  (Sometimes, I put a dog in there haha.)
Chumley LOVES this toy.   I mean he LOVES this toy.   He rolls it under the playpen so Sugar Bit can throw it.
But, she does not know how.   Chumley keeps trying!
Sugar Bit does like to share her food with the dogs, so we sometimes put a little fence around the high chair.   Whatever works!
PLEASE throw my toy!
When you have small children, especially ones crawling around at Peke-face level, you have to be careful.   Very careful.   We are extremely cautious with our dogs and our grandkids.   They can co-exist with monitoring. :-)  

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lady jicky said...

My grandkids are both at school now but ....I always look out when they are around my dog as little dogs like Peke's can get scared and bite.