Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 Penny came into our rescue in 2012.  Penny was four years old when she came into rescue,  a lovely girl with such beautiful markings.
 Her foster mom, Genise, quickly fell in love with her and adopted her.
 Penny had a few issues (food aggression-- not uncommon), but she overcame those with her new mom's help.  She became a sweet and devoted companion.
 She was cherished and welcomed a few fosters to her home-- passing on the love that her mom had to share.
 Her mom took her to the emergency vet because Penny wasn't able to move her legs.    The vet wanted to keep her there for observation.
Penny was not breathing right and her spine xrays did not look good.   She was in an oxygen tent, but struggling.   She may have aspirated some food, the vet said.
Her mom was called early today to go back to the emergency vet, and Penny passed away while she was with her mom.   She was young-- about 7-8.  Her mom is devastated and all of us in rescue loved her, too.   Penny can run play with her sister, Coco, who went to the Rainbow Bridge in December, 2013.   Run free now, little girls-- have fun together.  You will be so missed.    .


lady jicky said...

I am so sad for Penny's family ....she lived a wonderful life with them and I know she will be missed .

nana said...

Devastating! There are never the right words, but know prayers are carrying you and your broken heart to His throne of grace.