Sunday, March 20, 2016


 Max was my foster dog in 2005.   He was less than 2 years old and SO sweet.   I remember him so well, his temperament was so easy-going.    He did have bladder issues, but we took care of that and he went on a special diet.   (And his owners maintained that diet, so critical!!)  (If you have a dog who is urinating a lot, and seems uncomfortable, have a urinalysis done.  Your vet may also do an xray to see if there are stones if a bladder infection is found.   Pekes are prone to infections and stones.   For more information, go to:   Click here: Dog Urinary Tract Infections and ProblemsClick here: Bladder Stones (Urinary Calculi) in Dogs)
He was adopted by the nicest couple, and he gained a Pug brother named Ug-Lee "Uggie" who was as sweet as Max.  
He and Max became best friends.
 I have stayed in touch with his family and have seen the addition of two children who love Max and Uggie, too.    Max started feeling sick last week.   He was throwing up, he stopped eating and drinking.    He mom and dad took him to the vet.   Xrays were done, and there was something in his digestive tract and it looked like it had moved to his intestines.    It probably was not coming out on its own.
 I saw his xrays and was surprised-- it looked like a gumball in his intestines!   Yep, that thing had to come out.
 He had surgery on Friday and it was not a gumball-- it was a small child's toy.   It was cleaned up so his family could see it and it was a party favor from a birthday party the kids had gone to.    Dogs will eat all kinds of things and as careful as we can be, they sometimes find things to ingest.   Max is a little scavenger, so he was on hunting for things to chew and swallow.   He did fine in surgery and while he was under, the vet flushed out small bladder stones that had formed.    Two for one!   I'm so glad he will be okay now.   He is 13, but his family adores him.   I'm sure he will be around for awhile.   I am so happy his family has stayed in touch and that they let me visit with him.  I love having contact with my adopters.    Get well fast, Max!!

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lady jicky said...

Oh I am so glad Max was ok ...... no more kids toys around him!