Friday, March 25, 2016


 Bowie came into rescue in January.  He was adopted a few weeks ago, but his new "sister" decided she did not want him to stay.   So, Bowie came back.   This happens sometimes.
 Bowie is a sweetheart!   He is so loving and playful and he loves to chase gumballs around the deck.
 To get him back to his foster home, he had a few days with Allie Marie and her family.
 Bowie was given some special treats-- he was the guest after all. :-)
 They had a big yard to roam around in and Bowie loved it.   We think he needs a yard now-- he has a lot of energy, so he will need to be in a home that provide the area to run around.
 He is back in my area and he is perfectly content to be back with his foster family.   They love having him back-- of course!  :-)
Yes, he is content-- can you tell?   If you are interested in Bowie, just let us know!  He is only about five and is great with other dogs and people.  I loved the time I spent with him!

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lady jicky said...

Oh the Starman is back :( ....... lets hope he finds a great match and he is dancing in a new Forever Home!!!!!!!!!!