Sunday, March 6, 2016


 Sophie came into rescue last year in May.   She came out of a shelter near me.
 She was young, sweet, loving- and blind.   Many people will not adopt a special need's dog-- but they are really no different.   (It might be a good idea not to move the furniture a lot, though.)
 When I got her, she was in need of help and she got it.   A short time later, her future mom came to meet her.   It was love at first sight for Tricia and love at first "sniff" for Sophie.
Sophie is cherished and spoiled and loved so much now!   She is amazing-- you would NEVER suspect that she cannot see.   Check out her happy video.   Blind dogs are just--- well-- just dogs! :-)
You're a beautiful girl, Sophie!   Check out her cute video below:
Click here: sophieMarch - YouTube

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lady jicky said...

You would never think she was blind Linda ..... loved the video - what a sweetie she is!!!!!!!!!!!