Saturday, March 12, 2016


 If you remember, last fall we had our wood floors redone.   What a mess!!   But, it had to be done-- first, the floors had not been refinished for decades.  Second, we had a water leak that damaged the floors in the family room, so they needed to be sanded and refinished.
 I told Kai Kai that the living room had to be done now.  He was not pleased.  
 The playroom was done, but the living room/office/additional playroom next to it wasn't.   That's because there is a grand piano in there and so now we have to move/slide that to the other room, and then that floor can be done.  (Do you think we have enough "Bit" toys here?!)
 That means Floyd will have to find another place to hang out when I'm at the desk.  
 Chumley will have to stay out of there, too.   The room will be empty-- all the furniture will have to be put another place.  Oh, this will be a job!   Curtains down, pictures down, mini-blinds down....
 The grand piano will JUST fit through the double French doors that connect the playrooms.  IF we take the doors off, we can gently roll it through.
 "Are you kidding, Mom?   We're doing this again??"
Yes.   It's going to be a mess.   And I'm going to seal all the doors so dust does not come through.    I'm sure Starlight will want to help.   But, all they could use her for is to "mop" up the dust.   (They are using a vacumn sander, so maybe it won't be so bad.   I'm just kidding myself!)

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lady jicky said...

Oh dear Linda ...... I feel sorry for you !