Sunday, March 27, 2016


 Desi is all dressed up for Easter.
 She is so beautiful and I love to use her pictures for holidays blogs.  
 Many of you may not know that Desi was rescued by a wonderful family.   Desi has been left chained outside all the time and so this new family rescued her, but could not keep her.   They wanted her to be safe, and they contacted us.      Desi has seizures and needed medical help.  
 We took her into rescue and her  mom is a vet!!  (They adopted her in early 2010.   Can it be six years already!?)   Desi gets all the medical attention she needs!)
 Desi is here with Onslow, her best friend.   Onslow had his own medical issues-- he was in severe pain and had to have back surgery.   That's when he joined the family and he is so sweet!
 Desi and tiny Sampson are snuggled in the Easter basket.  I think that would be enough treat for anyone!
 Dollar, I see you peeking at us.  
 Did you climb into the basket looking for Easter treats?
 Onslow has his Easter shirt on.
 I think he is licking because he must have had an Easter treat!
 Here is Rammi-- he is so pretty!   He was at my house for awhile, but Camp Runamuck was a little too much for him.   He adores Roger and follows him around.
 The gang is ready for a treat!
 Cassidy is out enjoying the Easter weather.
 And he really wonders about these strange "Peke" that is sitting there.
 Desi is wondering what carrots have to do with Easter!   Are they edible?   I don't think so.
 Sweet Gunther is an older Peke.  Gunther is a tiny boy, with heart issues, but he stole Lucinda's heart.   (She has a special love for the black Pekes-- I do, too!)
 Kipper, has his Easter hat and tie on....
 And Kipper is ready for Easter.   I love your tie!
 He is giving us a dapper look here!  
 Monkey is posing-- I think he was watching the rest of the gang.   He is available for adoption.   He likes men the most-- for some reason, he doesn't trust women, but he would love a home where a Daddy would love him.   (Just email us at if you are interested in him.)
Last is Sampson.  He came into rescue very sick, but has done great under the care of our wonderful Roanoke vet, Lucinda (Dr. Hodges at Harris Animal Hospital).    Desi and  her family, and all of us at Potomac Pekes wish you a wonderful Easter!!

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lady jicky said...

A Merry Easter to Desi and all the Peke's and families at "Must Love Peke's" from your mates in Oz ...Melinda and Coco.