Monday, March 28, 2016


 Luke was a ten year old whose owners took him to the shelter.    I don't know the reason-- but it breaks my heart that older dogs are put in shelters.  (I hate when any dog loses their home.)   He isn't a Pekingese, but I wanted to share his story anyway.
 I personally wish more people would adopt seniors-- they are the best!   They have so much love to give.  They need us.   My daughter saw that Luke was in a shelter.   She follows the shelter notifications.   And in Molly's true fashion and heart, she let her friends know.   It turned out that one of them had a dog who was grieving the loss of his best friend.   So, they went to the shelter and met my  Molly there.   They took their older dog, too-- and these two did great!
 Luke acts as if he has always lived there.  
 He loves watching the kids in the court, riding their bikes.   He doesn't leave his new mom's side.
 His new brother dog has already begun to do better-- with a new bounce in his step.   A dog who is used to having another dog can grieve the loss of their friend, and having another dog is a way to help them.   Some dogs just NEED a doggy friend.
 Luke found a comfy spot to sleep for the night.
Easter morning-- he was happy, with his ball, watching his new kids, and loving his new home.  
 He loves having a big soft bed and now he has Henry, his best buddy.  He has a mom and dad, he has kids who already love him.   Thank you, Molly, for your helping find Luke a home!
Adopt a senior!!   They are so worth it.   (More Pekes tomorrow!)


lady jicky said...

Oh yes ..... adopt a senior they are the best ! What a great story Linda and I am so glad your daughter saw Luke in the shelter news.
*I do not know why someone will just get rid of a pet they have had for 10 years! Takes my breath away.

Toni Davis said...

What a beautiful rescue story! You and I have/and are raising future rescuers! Your Bits and my Bits are learning that furbabies are family and as such, should always be treated that way.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Awww! I didn't know that Molly helped this guy find a home….I love it!!!

Expat Fledgling said...

This made me cry, I'm so happy he has a new home. Beautiful boy with a rakish touch of silver in his hair, I'm sure he'll charm everyone. Hugs to all who helped find a new home for him.