Saturday, March 19, 2016


 Joyful came into rescue in November and she has so many following her story, so many who love her.   She had no hair, except on her head, sores all over her body, trouble walking-- life had not been good to her.
 She went to Sherry, who lives in my area, for fostering.   Sherry has a gift with the special ones, a love for them and she is willing to give them special care.   Joyful needed that.
 Joyful has come so far, her hair is coming in, which we never thought would happen.    She gained weight, she found a security that had not been hers before.   She has her own "fan club" of so many who care about her.   I think she has received more support and gifts that any dog we've ever had.   She has quite a wardrobe and special beds, toys, and things with her name  on it!   JOY is everywhere.
 This week, Joyful stopped eating and was lethargic.
 I met her foster mom at the vet yesterday and I actually thought Joyful looked so much better than she had.    She was fluffy, clear eyed, and seemed to be doing better.    The vet, Dr. Courtney (Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach), examined her and said Joyful's heart murmur was worse, and that she could hear something in her lungs.    It was decided to get an xray to make sure Joyful did not have pnemonia.   Bloodwork was going to be done to make sure that was all okay.
 But, while they were doing bloodwork, Joyful started turning blue.   She was given immediate help and started to do a little better.   Her heart rate was low, though, and she was in distress.   Her foster mom held her and when her heart stabilized, it was decided not to do any more tests.  They obviously stressed her out too much, and her body is very fragile.   We will continue to monitor her and let her live her life-- however long that is.     I love this picture of her-- she is just beautiful here.
We love you, Joyful-- we are all praying for you!!    Keep living the joyful life you have now.


lady jicky said...

Oh dear ! I am so upset but I know you all will do the BEST for her and Joyful will get the BEST care but ..... more important than that is this - Ms Joyful has WONDERFUL LOVING PEOPLE AROUND HER NOW THAT WILL DO THE BEST AND SHE KNOWS IT - SHE HAS LOVE.

* I am praying for little Joyful Linda and Coco sends her love and "Pekingese Healing Vibes" .... they are very Powerful and in the Chinese spirit - Very Inscrutable !!

Kenny Martin said...

Dear Lord,
I hold open my heart. I feel this little one is trying to answer your calling. When I think of how her life must have been I shake. I think that you are showing Joyful that all humans are not evil and in that when she comes to be with you she will not be filled with hate towards man.I feel this small time she has been cared for and loved is part of your plan . I'm writing this as you know lord unaware of Joyful condition this morning. I just read this post and with prayer I somehow feel you are telling me this about her so I can tell others. I live in your grace lord and I feel joyful will remember love and not pain when she comes to be a Angel
Thank you lord as close , it is your will that is just and the most loving . I will be ready when you call me. Amen

Lost Earring said...

Thanks for the update. I actually avoided getting up and getting on the Internet this morning trying to avoid seeing bad news but yet again little Joyful Grace showed her will to a miracle and she has done it once again.

So thanks once again for the good news and we continue praying for this little bundle of Joy who seems to be determined to enjoy the miracle of rescue and love.

Jennifer Wilson said...

Aw bless precious Joyful, and may her life be long and strong- or if not, then truly "joyful" and free from pain.

Anonymous said...

continued prayers for sweet joy

Chris said...

I remarked before that I didn't understand the difficulty Joy is going through. But now, after reading this, I remember her very rugged early days, and the new beginning she won when you took her under your care. She is so little and so delicate and so dear ... sometimes I'm afraid hope and prayer are not enough. So I will put my trust in whatever Power exists among us as she moves toward the light of healing or the light of transition. Like so many others, I am cheering her on from the sidelines, with gratitude that she can feel the comfort of the love that surrounds her.