Friday, March 18, 2016


 Camden came into rescue in 2009-- He was about 2 years old (he is about 9 now).    He didn't know how to play with toys, how to have best friends,   He learned how to be a happy boy, and he loved to be in the yard, exploring, and having fun.   Life began for him when he came into rescue.
 He was adopted and later became a brother to Brandy.
 Camden woke up on Saturday and couldn't move.   His mom immediately took him to the vet.   He had a serious back condition and he went to NCState for surgery.     His condition was called DDD-- Degenerative Disc Disease.    DDD is more common in long-backed dogs.    Camden was paralyzed, so immediate decisions had to be made.   His parents consulted with a specialist and he had surgery that day.    He began to show immediate improvement.    Click here: Treatment Options for Canine Degenerative Disc Disease | PetMeds Pet Health Blog
 Camden is home now and he has to be inactive for 4 weeks.    He is in a playpen so that he does not do too much.   His sister, Brandy, kept an eye on him all the way home.   She was very concerned.
I'm not sure who will take this harder-- Camden or Brandy.  She is so concerned about her brother.  I'm sure in a few weeks, we'll see some happy faces as her brother can be back with her, and not in the playpen.    Get well fast, Camden!!

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lady jicky said...

Coco and I wish a speedy recovery for dear Camden.... who has a very good nurse in Brandy :)