Wednesday, March 9, 2016


 Fufa is 3 years old and she just came into rescue.
 Her owner could no longer keep her and asked if rescue would help.  
 Fufa is a tiny one-- only 9 pounds!    And sweet!
 She went on a home visit already.   She met Bennett and his Retriever friends.
 Charlie and Candle want to come in, and they will soon.   Bennett wants them to meet Fufa, too.
 Fufa is small, but can she jump!  Onto the couch, onto the coffee table.....
Bennett is happy that Fufa is coming to stay!  He is twice her size, but he will be so glad to have a fellow Peke in the house.    Welcome home, Fufa!!

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lady jicky said...

Oh that Fufa is as cute as pie!!!!

I will be doing my adoption dance but I bet that girl will be in a loving forever family home soon Linda .... so pretty!