Tuesday, March 8, 2016


 Starlight must be mellowing as she gets older.   She is 11 now and has been nicer to people lately.
 A friend (who adopted Micky and Madeline) came over on Sunday.
 She sat on the floor and Starlight assumed it was so they could meet.
 Starlight became her best friend!!  She stayed in her lap over an hour, giving her kisses, rolling on her back.  Amazing!
 Yesterday, we went to the vet.   Starlight was hooked into Sugar Bit's car seat.  
 "Why can't I be with you?"
 When we got there, the receptionist came out to meet her.  
 I told her to be careful..
 But, Starlight didn't go "postal."
 "I kind of like this, Mom."   Starlight must be getting soft.   Bettina came out to get us to go in the room.  Bettina is vet tech extraordinaire!   Starlight loves her.  So, it didn't surprise me that she let Bettina hold her.  But, the rest-- I'm in shock!   Maybe being a senior is making Starlight nicer!

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lady jicky said...

You know Linda ..... I am getting older too but unlike Starlight .... I am getting grumpier!!!!! LOL