Sunday, March 13, 2016


Amelia is a sweetheart, but she is also a WARRIOR!!    She was adopted in 2010.
She and her sister, Magnolia, were both adopted from us.   Amelia showed a new side of herself!   This little "one eyed, 4 toothed mighty huntress caught a mouse!!"  Her mom still hasn't recovered!
Her sister, Magnolia is still amazed!  (So am I.)
Her mom thinks Amelia  must have gummed it to death.  (Her mom did call poison control to make sure there wasn't anything they should do--- they thought it was a funny story, too.)   She was holding it in her mouth, looking very resolute when she presented it to her mom.  Her mom did a "bait and switch" to get it out of her mouth.   I'm sure the big spoon of dog food was much tastier.   After it was over,  both girls decided to just post for a picture until one decided to attack the dog bed and pretend it was another mouse.   Click here: amelia - YouTube


lady jicky said...

I have rats in my roof ..... can I have a lend of Amelia??????

Lost Earring said...

This is too too funny. A little mouser. Pekes are wonderful brave hunters packed into a tiny 15 or so pounds of body.

Fiona Ross said...

Amelia says, "yum!"