Wednesday, March 30, 2016


A Maryland shelter sent me this picture of Waddles.   He was a stray and is a senior.   The shelter said he doesn't have many teeth, needs some help for his skin and he needs eye drops.    Why do these older dogs end up on the street???    Does the owner get tired of them?   Do they get out of their yard and the owner doesn't know how to find them??    I don't know.  But, it breaks my heart that they end up abandoned.    We asked for a foster home and we had some people step up!  I'm so glad.
 Ida sprung him from the shelter yesterday and our vet will check him out completely.    You know we go above and beyond to see what is going on with these little ones.   And we go above and beyond to help the Pekingese in our care.   We will be posting more information on Waddles.    I think his name is so cute!
p.s.  Here he is after we got him yesterday.   He had to be shaved down because of matting.   And two nails were imbedded in his paws and he had to be sedated to cut them.   His life will be better now!

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lady jicky said...

Oh that Waddles .... I would have him at my home in a heart beat if I lived in the USA !!!! So cute!