Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 I thought you'd like an update on Sherry's Pekes-- you know, Joyful and her friends!  
 Norton now has a nick name of Mr. Chill.   He is doing well, and has improved a lot since we got him.    His bladder infection is gone and his eyes look so much better.    Pekes that have dry have must have drops at least twice a day, without fail, to keep their eyes lubricated.  
 Joyful Grace is now the explorer-- we are starting to have warm weather and Joyful is enjoying it.   She loves to just wander and sniff in the yard.    She is actually getting some hair back!   I never thought she would, but it's coming in.    She will continue to wear little shirts and the sweaters will be put away as the temperatures rise.
 Daisy is easy going and she loves the sunshine.   When winter begins to leave, all the dogs love to go out and just bask in the warmth.   I do, too!
 Rudy is recovering GREAT from his stroke!    He goes up and down the ramp now, and is walking well and becoming Sherry's shadow again.   His head still has a little tilt. but it just gives him charm.
 All the dogs are enjoying being outside more.   Festus is still the head of the family, and is his mom's boy.  
All the dogs are seniors and Sherry likes that just fine.    Our foster parents are the best-- I'm so glad we have ones who love the seniors.  Without them, so many would not be safe.   Thank you, Sherry!


lady jicky said...

I am so glad Joyful and Norton are doing well and Sherry has a house full of "Lovelies" !!! :)

Anna Saar said...

Bravo Sherry! What a wonderful job you are doing for these precious senior Pekes! You are an inspiration for the rest of us foster parents. Please give them all a big hug from me! xoxo

Unknown said...

Sherry is doing great work and should be applauded for all she has done. Thanks so much, Sherry.