Thursday, April 30, 2015


 Chumley is the happiest dog.   I didn't understand him not being adopted quickly.  He is so HAPPY.
 He met our newest Bit today-- WHAT IS THAT?
 He really wanted to get close to see her.   He tried many ways to get to her.
 He was wagging his tail, and very concerned that she was crying.
 Are you okay now, little one?
 He was so caring!   But, now that she is sleeping, he can relax and stand down from guard duty.
 She's asleep and quiet.
 What did the rest do?  NOTHING!  Lexie was not having any part of the baby.
 Starlight is very calm around her-- Starlight loves children.
 Max could care less!   He just wanted to watch out the window.
 Kai Kai was on the couch near her, but not trying to get in the middle of everything.
I was amazed with how concerned Chumley was.   He sure loves his Bits!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


 Little Seminole-- Semi-- is in the vet again.   He became lethargic over the week-end, stopped eating and was sick.
 I texted my vet and asked if he could see Semi first thing on Monday.   Semi's foster mom had him there before they opened and they got him right in.    He is a sick boy and is on IVs and a catheter.   He appears to have serious kidney issues, so keep this sweet boy in your prayers.
His foster mom has visited him three time in less than 36 hours-- she loves him.   I hope he can pull through.   I'll keep you updated.    If you want to contribute to his care, just go to our website,   Click here: Donate Now - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


 Raymond came to us from a Maryland shelter.    He was turned in by his owners.
 Raymond is ten years old and has eye problems that needed to be dealt with.   He obviously had these issues for a long time and they weren't treated--
 Putting in eye drops can be critical for many Pekingese.  Dry eye can lead to ulcers, infections and other problems.    With their bulgy eyes, they are prone to dry eye and injuries.
 Raymond is so good about his eye drops.   He has some vision and gets around fine.  
 He is a small one, less than 12 pounds-- and he has no tail.   We don't know what happened to it.  
Raymond is going to his new forever home this week.  We are SO excited for him!   We know his new parents and they are wonderful, loving people.   He will be Arby's brother!  (She is one of the Bristol 18 Pekes.)   I think they will be a very cute pair!  

Monday, April 27, 2015


It was a Bit week-end.  
Beach Bit is in love with his new sister-- I have been calling her Baby Bit.  Her Bit name has almost been decided.
Jeanne sent a flag to hang out front once she arrived.
And she was here-- so her 3 Bit cousins came to meet her.   (There are other Bits, but they live too far away.)
Kai Kai was on top of the couch-- right next to Baby Bit.
Gigi, the puppy, crawled into one of the dog beds.   She fit just fine-- for now.   She is still growing.
Pi didn't fit too well, but she was fine with that.
Drill Bit was curled up-- playing a game on his ipad.   (Why is it that a 5 year old can do all this on an ipad, and I'm illiterate on them!)
Lil Bit was playing games on her phone.    And Bitty Bit was on another game in the kitchen.   We had electronics, Bits, Pekes, a puppy and a Shepherd mix-- it was a Camp Runamuck week-end!
Dogs curled up-- Max was supervising.   I think he really wanted Gigi's toy.
Bitty Bit was ready for anything.
Starlight had a few "moments"-- too much activity for her.    Lexie just stayed under a chair.   I let her go in her playpen to have some calm moments.
Drill Bit was ready for anything-- but mostly he and Beach Bit destroyed the playroom.
It was a Bit week-end-- big bits, little bits, doggy bits.    We all had a great time loving on our new family member!

Sunday, April 26, 2015


This is Lexie, a Shih Tzu puppy who was in rescue near me.    My friend adopted her.
She had asked me if 3 dogs was hard-- Three Dogs?  Hard?   Piece of cake!   Seven can be hard, ten can be rough.   But, 3??  Easy!
Here she was with a sibling--
Lexie, my foster, likes to think that Lexie the puppy was named after her.  It's a beautiful name after all.
I'm sure Lexie the puppy will be as spoiled as Lexie here is.
Yes, I see she is already dressed up-- purple looks good on her.  
And resting with dad is par for the day.     These two Lexies are so cute-- welcome little Lexie!!  

Saturday, April 25, 2015


We are getting ready for the picnic!    People are letting me know they will be bringing things to sell at our silent auction.   The beautiful little box holds a small figurine on top.   And the little Pekingese salt and pepper shakers and a beautiful picture of Peggy's heart dog are sure to be irresistible items.   I have some small items to sell also, so be sure to come, ready to add some special things to your collection.   
Our picnic is coming up on May 16-- Desi sent me an email to let me know there will be a Desi's Boutique there.   There will be an assortment of dog fashion accessories to buy.    Her mom is going to try to make some extras because we know it will be a favorite!    Lexie has already told me that she wants me to pick some things up for her.   There will be necklaces, ties, stretch collars flower accents (one of her favorite items to really pull an outfit together). Most items $ 3-5.   The fancy hats will be a little more.    I hope you are planning to come to the picnic!!   See you there!   RSVP to  or on this blog. :-)
 Here are some more items that will be at the Silent Auction.  A home-made quilt by Eve.
... a book to help you be a better dog owner.
 I love this one--- most of us are the ones who were rescued.
 I love this, too.    Yes, we have a few rotten Pekes here. :-)
Be sure to bid on the items at the picnic!    All the money will go to our foster dogs' medical care.    

Friday, April 24, 2015


Tucker's family needed help-- and last month Tucker went to visit with Kay and Claretta and their crew.    Tucker is back home now, happy and doing great.    (Here he is with his human sister.)
 He was in rescue in 2006, and is now about 14.    He has one eye now, but he is still precious.
 Tucker had a sleep over camp with Pekes and a Dobie.  What an adventure!
 Every good camp provides the opportunity to make new friends.  After outdoor play Beau, Teddy, Tucker and Maggie had nap time.
 Tucker found a spot in the sunshine for some quiet time.
 Unfortunately, he discovered the camp pool had shampoo in it.  
 Gardening was a favorite outdoor activity.  
 Before he knew it, it was time to get cleaned up to go home. (Oh, look at that little bit of tongue there!)
Tucker supervised packing and then camp time was over and he was reunited with his human sister.   Thank you to Kay and Claretta and their crew for giving this wonderful and loving adventure to Tucker.    We know he had a wonderful time!