Sunday, April 5, 2015


 I looked back at my blogs and found some wonderful Easter pictures.   Desi, above, is posing in one of her many (many!) outfits.   I adore her hats!   Maybe I can borrow one.
 Beth's Pekes a few years  ago-- I love how she can get them all together.  
 Dollar sported his bunny ears-- you are so cute!   How many treats did you get to do this?  :-)
 Made has her Easter Bonnet on!   It keeps the sun out of her eyes!  
 Fiona is having Easter at the Rainbow Bridge, but I had to share this beautiful photo of her.  
 And little Madge, also at the Rainbow Bridge, is having fun with her sister, Fiona.   I wonder if they are all dressed up there, too.   I'm sure they are!
 Desi's stunning outfit is unsurpassed-- at least for now.   Her mom is still shopping.  But, this one is really amazing!    Desi loves to be dressed up.   She dresses every day for work-- but Easter is special, so she is really dolled up!
I hope each of you has a blessed Easter-- time with your family, your pets and hopefully some time off to just be thankful for all we have.   HAPPY EASTER!

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lady jicky said...

You just have to love that Desi in her bonnets!!!

Happy Easter to you all !