Tuesday, April 28, 2015


 Raymond came to us from a Maryland shelter.    He was turned in by his owners.
 Raymond is ten years old and has eye problems that needed to be dealt with.   He obviously had these issues for a long time and they weren't treated--
 Putting in eye drops can be critical for many Pekingese.  Dry eye can lead to ulcers, infections and other problems.    With their bulgy eyes, they are prone to dry eye and injuries.
 Raymond is so good about his eye drops.   He has some vision and gets around fine.  
 He is a small one, less than 12 pounds-- and he has no tail.   We don't know what happened to it.  
Raymond is going to his new forever home this week.  We are SO excited for him!   We know his new parents and they are wonderful, loving people.   He will be Arby's brother!  (She is one of the Bristol 18 Pekes.)   I think they will be a very cute pair!  

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lady jicky said...

I am just so happy for dear little Raymond!!!!
I hope he now has a wonderful life :)