Friday, April 3, 2015


 I love doing this blog.   There are so many happy stories to tell!
 But, one stands out as a real miracle.  It's the story of Clark-- who became Schmoo.
 Schmoo was only a year old when he came into rescue.   His foster dad, Mark, enjoyed making faces with him-- Schmoo was intent on getting some of Dad's food.    (If you click on the picture, you can see it larger and see Schmoo's face so well.)
 Mark and Alisa had adopted Pudgie from us and offered to foster this special need boy.  
 You see, Schmoo was born without a tail-- and without part of his spine that effected bowel control.  He didn't have any.
 Schmoo curled up with Pudgie, and Chompers was near by.    He fit right in to his foster home.
 He fit in so well that they decided they didn't want him to leave.   They said Schmoo was their smile therapy-- and there is no lack of smiling in this home!
 Schmoo is just a big character in a tiny Pekingese body.
 Yes, that toy is yours!  
 Schmoo has to wear a diaper all the time-- and Alisa figured out that a baby onesie would help keep it on.   (I love this couple!)
 Schmoo runs like an arrow toward his mom and dad.  
 He is just HAPPY!
I love this story of joy-- and belonging.   What a happy ending for this precious boy!!

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lady jicky said...

Schmoo's owners have a special place in heaven!
Many would pass this Peke by as "too much work - too hard" but they did not !
I love them :)