Sunday, April 5, 2015


 This precious girl came into rescue in 2010.  
 Her owner had died and Chloe was living with the grandson.  But, we were contacted to see if we could take her.   How could we resist.
 Chloe was nine years old when she came to us.   She had been born in China and brought back to the states by her owner.  
 Tricia applied with us-- she wanted a young black and white Pekingese.
 Chloe was not young, and not black and white-- but Tricia fell in love with her immediately.
 Chloe became the light of her life.   No, she didn't eat at the table, but she acted like she did.
 She had a lot of bows and scarves and outfits.
She was so sweet.
 She could look at you and your heart would just melt.  
 She was rather glamorous, too.
 Chloe always acted much younger than her age.  She just turned 14 on Valentine's Day this year.   But, a few days ago, she wasn't feeling well and her mom took her to the emergency vet.     They thought she was in congestive heart failure.  
Chloe passed away last night and her mom feels like part of her is gone.    My heart breaks for her, because Chloe was such a part of her life and heart.   Tricia is devastated.    I'm so sorry-- run free now, Chloe.   You will be missed so much.


lady jicky said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
What a pretty , pretty white Peke Chloe was.

nana said...

My broken heart is sending love and prayers, peace and promise to you. It's the wounded soldier who understands the pain the deepest.....I lost my G one month ago tomorrow. Please know I am so, so sorry.