Saturday, April 30, 2011


I want to say farewell to sweet Panda Bear, a Shih Tzu who came out of a shelter into the loving home of Terry and John Jackson. Panda Bear was not supposed to live long (2 months at the most) because of severe heart issues. Well, he surprised everyone and lived five happy years in his home. He will be greatly missed. Rest in peace, sweet Panda Bear. +++++ ++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

This is Diku-- he was rescued when he was eight weeks old. He was saved at a mill auction and was very sick. He went at a sanctuary where they were trying to restore his health.

Tina began to volunteer at the shelter, taking dogs to adoption events, helping to raise money to care for them. And that's when she met Diku.

She said he was the most loving, gentle, kind ans unassuming dog she had ever met. He began her love for Pekingese.

Tina has now found out what incredible personalities they have. She said he's really a little boy in a dog suit. She has begun a dog treat business called Grove Naturals. ( Diku is now five years old and the love of her life. That's what these little Pekes do to you! They steal your heart!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Essie sent me this video-- it's called Pekingese 101 and is so cute.

Hope/Lola came from an Arkansas puppy mill raid. We took her into rescue in the fall of 2009. Even with all she went through, she had hope in her eyes when she crawled into a rescuer's lap. We think she was about five when we got her, but we're never sure how old a Peke is when we get them-- we just ask the vets help us with that.

Just look at her now. She is playful and friendly. Her owner said he doesn't know who rescued who! He is just in love with her. I love hearing happy adoption stories!! And happier when a Peke gets a new and loving home.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don't forget the PVPC picnic in N.Virginia this Saturday! You can go to our web site for more information: It will be LOTS of fun! Hamburgers and hot dogs, desserts, and things for a silent auction. Like the cup above, which I had made with our PVPC logo on it. I also have four sets up coasters with our logo on them. And an apron! And lots of other things. So, come on, join us and have fun! Lots of Pekes will be there!

I spent Easter with three of the "Bits." They had fun finding eggs on Sunday morning.

And Drill Bit found a few of his own.

Of course, I took pictures of the Bits!

Beach Bit was all dressed up, too. Kids and dressing up for Easter just go together.

Some of the Pekes dressed up, too. Here's a pic of Reuben. He's at a shelter in Pa. The vet is amazed that with all his medical problems he is still hanging in there. He has anal hernias and is in kidney failure.
He was found wandering as a stray. The shelter and vet are taking care of him. He has his own special area in the office and is free to roam around getting hugs and love. He is never caged. Maybe someone will let him come live at their house for his final days. But, for now, he is being loved where he is, the mascot for the shelter. I think he had a very special Easter this year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


WARNING: There have been some bad, and a few fatal, reactions to Dingo Dog Treats. There have been some recalls on them due to salmonella. If you have these treats, please throw them out. (I would not use Greenies either, because they can "clog" in the digestive tract, especially on small dogs.)
Maxwell visited his foster parents for the week-end when his new family was out of town. His name was Maximus when we had him.

Maxwell loves balls-- all kinds of balls. His new home has lots of them.

And here's another. Friends of mine adopted Maxwell-- so I knew he would have a wonderful home!

And he has lots of toys there -- just like in his foster home.

Maxwell is back home now-- but I'm sure he'll visit his foster home again when his parents go out of town. He fits right back in and remembers where everything is. His foster parents sure love him! But, they are delighted he has such a wonderful home now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Tippy came into rescue in March. I was told she was a Peke-- and her vet work said she was a Peke mix (I got the paperwork later). You can see her little bottom teeth sticking out-- very cute and very Pekey. We think she may have Shih-Tzu and Maltese in her. We are just not sure-- anyone want to do a DNA test on her?

Tippy is the perfect dog-- she's very sweet. She's housetrained. She is loving and playful. She's almost ten years old, but her owner died and she's looking for another home. Whoever gets this sweet one won't be sorry-- they'll be so lucky to have her.

She likes to take walks carrying a toy in her mouth. She likes to carry them when she just goes out in the yard.

She has long, soft, black hair, but she's easy to care for. She would love to sleep on the bed, rest on the couch and enjoy life with you. Here are some videos of her with her foster brother, Clarence. If you are interested in adopting her, just let us know!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Kyden/Kai Kai went to the farm this week-end. The farm is where my daughter and three of the Bits live. BUT, FIRST.....

We want to wish Jeanne and Bill happy anniversary!!! Thirteen years! YIPPEE. :-) Drill Bit wanted to say Happy Anniversary, too. Jeanne loves Drill Bit!

Kai was looking out at the pasture where there are three horses. He wasn't too sure about them. His "brother" Scooter kept going under the fence, but Kai was wise enough to stay on our side of it.

The horses weren't too concerned. Scooter was not a threat.

But, Kai thought he's stay on our side anyway.

Kai Kai got to meet a Guinea Hen. He was really good.

He just didn't know what they were.

Drill Bit was telling him they were not going to hurt him.

The chickens were trying to get away from Kai, though. When Kai saw the chicken wandering around, he broke free of the hold one of the Bits had on his leash and chased the chicken around the car.

So, the chicken jumped IN the car. And Kai stopped when I told him to stop. What a good boy he is!

He still wanted to know what they were--running around like crazy!

He was happy there and he and Max (and Scooter and Cranberry and Starlight) had lots of walks. And Kai slept all the way home-- and was glad to back to his own yard. But, he had a great time at the farm!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


When Desi was on my St. Patrick's Day blog, she saw it and realized how photogenic she was. So, she decided she should send me more pictures. She is also very excited and informing her fan club how famous she is-- several blogs already! She is offering to sign pawtographs for them, too. Her mom is afraid all this fame is going to Desi's head! :-)

Desi thinks she should pursue a career in modeling, as long as she can get paid with dog treats.

She looks beautiful with her necklace on and special outfit. I can see why she would be a great little Peke model.

She modeled a bunny outfit and was a little less than impressed with it. Look at that face. :-)

She's being a very good sport about it though.

Can you see out from the hood? She would rather wear her dresses. She will keep them on all day. Her mom is such a great owner!! (And she's a vet who has helped us with some of our Pekes in Roanoke.)

Here is her Lhasa-poo brother, Cassidy. He didn't like Desi's bunny outfit very much. I don't think he wants to wear any outfits.

And here is her Chikingese brother, Kipper in the basket. They all want to wish you all a Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I want to extend my deepest sympathy to my Peke friend, Monica. She adopted Trevor and Bianca/Phoebe from us. One of her Pekes, Maxxie/Max died this week. He is the beautiful black and white one in the picture. Maggie (adopted by her mom) is in the background.

Here is Maggie with Max-- two very loved Pekes. I'm so sorry about your loss, Monica. Rest in peace, sweet Maxxie.


We just took in this little beauty! Her name is Hannah and she is only two years old. She was an owner turn in.

Hannah was checking things out in every direction. What's on the ground, little one?

Hannah is good with people and other dogs, but she's not crazy about cats-- or maybe she just wants to chase them to play.

She loves to cuddle. And I think she likes to sit in the sunshine and feel the breeze blowing on her face.

There must be scents in the air because she looks like she smells something good.

She's only 14 pounds and her foster parents say she is a sweetheart.

She is very mellow and loves just to be held. Sounds like a perfect little dog to me.

If you're interested in adopting Hannah, just email