Sunday, April 17, 2011


Corkey's foster mom was in a parade last December. I just got the pictures and they were too cute not to share. Corkey hopes you enjoy them-- and he'll see you at the picnic April 30!! See our web site for information:

Robin has a neat car and great dogs!! Wait, this is not a real dog. Weren't your real dogs allowed to go?
Nope, this one isn't real either. Really, where are they? I know you have wonderful Pekes. Corkey, your foster dog would have done great, right? Did you hear me, Robin? I'm sure he would have been so calm in the car with people watching him on all sides.
He would have behaved just like this guy-- quietly watching, wearing his hat, not even barking.
I love your car magnet! It gives information on our group and hopefully, people saw it and will remember us when they want to adopt. I love your car, too!


lady jicky said...

Oooo, I would love to go to your Parade Linda!! Looks a ton of fun :)

lady jicky said...

Ooooo, I would love to come to your parade / picnic Linda - looks a ton of fun!!!

Nicky said...

How sweet! Love the sign too. :>