Sunday, April 24, 2011


When Desi was on my St. Patrick's Day blog, she saw it and realized how photogenic she was. So, she decided she should send me more pictures. She is also very excited and informing her fan club how famous she is-- several blogs already! She is offering to sign pawtographs for them, too. Her mom is afraid all this fame is going to Desi's head! :-)

Desi thinks she should pursue a career in modeling, as long as she can get paid with dog treats.

She looks beautiful with her necklace on and special outfit. I can see why she would be a great little Peke model.

She modeled a bunny outfit and was a little less than impressed with it. Look at that face. :-)

She's being a very good sport about it though.

Can you see out from the hood? She would rather wear her dresses. She will keep them on all day. Her mom is such a great owner!! (And she's a vet who has helped us with some of our Pekes in Roanoke.)

Here is her Lhasa-poo brother, Cassidy. He didn't like Desi's bunny outfit very much. I don't think he wants to wear any outfits.

And here is her Chikingese brother, Kipper in the basket. They all want to wish you all a Happy Easter!


Unknown said...

Happy Easter to Desi and her family. Those pictures are adorable! Desi looks like a true sweetheart and definitely blessed with a wonderful home! Happy Easter Linda. Hope you get lots of Peke smooches today!

Tracey said...

Happy Easter Linda! I didn't realize that my daughter was signed in on my computer when I sent the last message! Happy Easter to beautiful Desi and her family! she is a good sport. Love her outfits!

lady jicky said...

As Madonna/Moi Moi says - "strike a pose" :)

Happy Easter to you all from Kenzo , Moi and me!

Nicky said...

SO sweet! The bunny outfit was very cute!!!!!!! Thank you, Desi! We appreciate you modeling for us!

emilyp said...

Desi looks very good in her outfits:) She should definitely be a Peke model!!

Pekiegirl said...

Wow! Chloe/Desi has come a long way! So glad she has a great home! Hopefully she'll make it to the picnic this year!