Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm shared how Starlight has had to be in her playpen because she hurt her back. We're a month into her healing and she is doing a lot better. She has "out of the playpen" time a lot now. She's thrilled because she can see Beach Bit more than just through the bars of the playpen-- aka Jail haha.
Amee's "Drill Bit" loves Darby, her "Starlight." Darby can be her own "self" at times, if you know what I mean. But, she loves her baby, just like Starlight does. Were these two dogs twins at some point. :-)
Darby hurt her back, so she has to spend time in her playpen, also known as her crate. She looks very comfortable, and she's on medicine, just like Starlight.
She got out of the crate for a little bit and was able to sit at the front door with her Drill Bit. Don't they look like a happy pair!
**Here's Darby's email to me: (I love Peke emails!!)
I hope Starlight is feeling better – Let her know that I won’t be playing with my drill bit any time soon as I have hurt my back and I am on bed rest as mom calls it and in a playpen – Dr. Teague took good care of me today but I don’t feel so hot – so no playing, no up and down steps – lot of rest but, it sure is boring in here – Love Darby


lady jicky said...

Linda - its called "day release" in the "big house" LOL

emilyp said...

Glad to hear that Starlight is doing better! I hope that Darby gets better soon!! Bed rest is no fun!