Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Here's Kira-- she was a breeder's dog. Her "owner" has turned in more than a few to the shelter or rescue groups when they are no longer of any use to her. Sad, but it happens.
Kira was adopted quickly and loves her new mom and dad. She even got a pink bed! Now, that is one nice pink bed. Her mom washed it one day and it wasn't dry when it was time for bed. Her mom put a pillow out for her and she looked at her as if to say, "hey this is not my bed" and she didn't get all comfy like she normally does. When her bed was ready she got in it, stretched out on her back, and snored most of the night.
Kira is obviously very comfortable there. I don't think it could be more comfortable.
Kira, you are so sweet. We are so glad we could help you find such a loving home.


lady jicky said...

What a pretty , pretty girl she is!

Thats a fabbo pink bed!

Nicky said...

Sweet!!! Is this Kari, or was her name changed?

Linda said...

Yes, her name was Kari, and now it's Kira. :-)

emilyp said...

Such a cutie pie!! So glad that she is happy in her new home, and that she was found safe and sound when she had gotten out!