Friday, April 1, 2011


Well, slap my wrist, and call me bad! I took in a new foster dog for our group-- and she isn't a Peke! When you look at the pictures, tell me what you think she is.
I received a call that a woman had gone into the hospital, and had died. Her little dog was left without an owner, and was in danger of being sent to the shelter. This little girl used to walk around the block with her owner, and Tippy held a little stuffed animal in her mouth the whole time. How cute!
I was told she really looked like a Peke, so sight unseen, I said "bring her over." I'm supposed to get pictures first, but this time I didn't do it. She showed up at the door and I thought, "Where's the Peke??" But, I was committed, so in she came. I did not want to see this dog at the shelter.
She is a sweet, sweet girl. She is almost ten, perfect for someone who wants a little one to just love on. She was only in the xpen the first day, then her foster mom came to pick her up. (She did great with my grandson, too.)
Look at that sweet face. She is housetrained, loving, gets along with other dogs. She just needs a place to live her life-- and that could be 5-6 more years-- or more!
She's happy! If you think she would fit in your home, just send us an email.


Pekiegirl said...

She looks like a Lhasa Apso to me. Cute!

lady jicky said...

Well, Kenzo and I think Tippy is a Maltese x Shih tzu for sure!

Same sort of face as Kenzo's and you do see black and white shih tzu's with those white paws.

That is what we think anyway Linda and Tippy is Super Cute too!
This little one needs a home for she must miss her owner so!

Dee Chapman said...

peep lashasa mayse but sheore is cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee Chapman said...

peke hair and maybe lhasas nixed wihih it ..............

emilyp said...

She looks like a Lhasa mixed with a Havanese to me. She sure is cute:)

Jon said...

Part Lhasa or Shih Tzu, I'd guess. We've had both. Ann was thinking Peke-Shih Tzu maybe.