Thursday, April 7, 2011


Happy Birthday Charee and Monica!!! Charee is the wife of our super Richmond vet, Dr. Teague of Farmer's Vet. And Monica has fostered for us and adopted from us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We just took in this beautiful boy. His name is Akai or Kai Kai. He's almost six years old and has AKC papers (but I know he was born in a puppy mill in Missouri). He is neutered and housetrained-- yippee!! I don't usually get housetrained dogs here haha.

Kai is almost 20 pounds-- but it's all sweet and mellow. He just wants to lay near me, on the floor or on the couch next to me. He will sometimes carry a toy around in his mouth and wag his tail.
Kai Kai is totally NOT an alpha dog-- not a mean bone in him. He doesn't mind the other dogs here at all. My Cranberry let him know she was the boss and he said "Yes, Mam!"
Kai Kai is a beautiful dark red with black tips on his fur. He just wants a home to live forever in and be loved.
If you are interested in this sweet boy, just email us at I am smitten with him-- if I could keep one more, he'd be the one! (His name on our web site will be Kyden, which means narrow little fire-- )


lady jicky said...

Not only is he sweet and handsome (I'd love him too Linda) but Kai Kai is not stupid!
He took his orders from Missy Cranberry and let her have her way!

Tracey said...

You would send a sweet one my way to foster. And, I'm supposed to NOT fall in love. I do NOT make a good foster mom! lol

emilyp said...

He has gorgeous coloring, what a handsome boy!!