Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is Alfie, a Pekingese who lives in Ireland.
His owner wrote us asking why there were so many Pekingese that needed help. He didn't realize how many puppy mills this country has. He was amazed that people could abandon these precious dogs.
Alfie, that looks like a piece of furniture you're eating. It is a familiar puppy, teething thing. I have nice tables that have the marks of puppies teething on them, too.
That's better-- chew on your toy.
Alfie is a beautiful Peke! His owner said he is a lovely, happy, healthy and very good natured little dog. He loves playing with all his toys in succession-- he has four different balls, plus about ten other types of toys.
If he can sit at his owner feet and just veg, he is happiest. Alfie will be one year old on April 8. That's easy to remember for me, because it was my mom's birthday-- so an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFIE!! It's good to know an Irish Peke! (I know Kenzo and Moi Moi would love to meet you-- they're in Australia!)


Pekiegirl said...

What a cute peke! I love his face! BTW, I have chair legs with the teeth marks of Shami when he was little! Must be a peke thing!

lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Alfie!!!

We are about to have a Irish Cream in your honour!!!

Kenzo would rather crack a beer with you but Moi likes a more "lady like" drinkie !

cby said...

Happy Birthday, Alfie~ Love your hairdo!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Alfie. My you are so handsome!!!

emilyp said...

Happy Birthday Alfie, your hair is so cute!!! And we also have chair and table legs with peke teeth marks;)

Karin said...

Alfie has one magnificent hairdo!
I bet he brings a smile to everyone's face wherever he goes.

Cris said...

What a sweet face! and after the wind rain and stormy weather today my hair almost looks like his today, although his still looks nicer and he is so cute! Happy Birthday little guy from Zachariah, Jazzy & Abbey