Monday, April 4, 2011


Top 10 Dog Poisons This is important information on things that are dangerous for your pets. Number 1: Medications for People (This is my Scooterbug and this is exactly what he thinks about the top ten poisons-- he wants all his animal friends protected against these poisons.)
Number 2: Flea and Tick Products (This is wonderful little Mei Li-- one of our newer fosters.)
Number 3: People Food (This is Colby, one of the Bristol 18-- he was one of the two puppies. I did a blog on him last week.)
Number 4: Rat and Mouse Poison (This is Brandy, from the Bristol 18 rescue. She's still available! She's a beautiful girl.)
Number 5: Pet Medications (Kenzo, from Australia, would not want anything to happen to his animal friends.)
Number 6: Household Plants (And this is Kenzo's friend, Moi Moi. She had to have her picture included also!) Number 7: Chemical Hazards (This is Cocoa, the Cocker Spaniel that we helped when we took in his Pekingese brother, Maximus. We found her a home right away-- we do occasionally venture out of the Peke breed if they are best friends of a Peke.)

Number 8: Household Cleaners (I had to include this picture-- it is just a great picture-- no Peke, but too funny.)
Number 9: Heavy Metals (paint, etc.) (We wouldn't want anything to hurt these cute puppies.)
Number 10: Fertilizer (This is Puccina, a little Peke we were trying to help-- but looks like a friend took her in.)

Make sure you read the article for all the information and ways to prevent poisoning to your pets-- it's worth the time to read.


Pekiegirl said...

Under people food, onions are also bad for your dog. Also, under flea and tick medications, I've had great luck for the past 2 years, using Flea Treats. Check it out at It's 100% guaranteed to work or your money back! I have grooming customers that just love them!

lady jicky said...

Of course Ms. Linda , if you wish to get rid of a bratey brother by the name of Kenzo , that info could come in handy!!!!

Moi Moi


emilyp said...

I am always looking for good non-toxic flea products..I'll have to check that one out!