Friday, April 8, 2011


We took Pollyanna into rescue in 2008. I was called by a shelter near me that they had a dog who was in critical condition. I went right over.
I named her Pollyanna, because she was a little stray, only about a year old, and she needed help. At first, we thought she had burns on her back, but the vet said it could also have been brown recluse spider bites. Her foster mom took great care of her and she healed. She was adopted by Tracey and her family.
Pollyanna is the sweetest dog at Tracey's-- just full of love. There's not an aggressive bone in her body!
She gets along with dogs and people alike-- here she is with Colby (one of the Bristol 18 Peke puppies).
Kai Kai is joining Tracey's family as a foster dog. She said I told her not to fall in love with him-- but I did and I'm sure she will. Like Pollyanna, he is so sweet. And like Pollyanna, he just wants to be loved.
Tracey said her friend told her when she gets this many dogs, she's having an intervention. :-) I don't think she's close to that! Kai Kai only makes five.


lady jicky said...

OMG - that sore hairless darlin! How can people let that go on!
Look at her now and she is a beauty and so loved.

Hey Linda - I think the tough guy with all the dogs is a "dog walker" - well, I hope so! LOL

Tracey said...

Linda, You made me cry this morning! I had never seen that picture of Pollyanna with the horrible wound. I have of course seen her scar. My poor baby. She certainly is a blessing from God to be so sweet after all she has been through. It is funny my favorite movie growing up was the Walt Disney movie Pollyanna because of the goodness of Pollyanna. Well the name suits my baby!! She is a LOVE!

We are looking forward to Kai Kai coming tonight! Praying for a gentle dental for him!
**I do hate to tell you the picture with Colby is actually Colby and Shadow! :-)

Nicky said...

What a beautiful little girl! Heart breaking to see our babies suffer!! So happy to see them in another loving home. You have the best fosters and adopters! To know Pekes is to love them!