Monday, September 30, 2019


 Hannah-Berry is shouting to all of you-- MEET MY FRIEND, SNUFFY!
 Snuffy is being fostered near me and he's just about perfect says his foster mom, Susan. 
 He is so sweet with everyone-- and every pet. 
 There are no mean bones in his body.
 He just wanders the yard and greets everyone.   And he has the cutest bark!!  I have all kinds of barks at my house-- LOUD ones, soft ones, high pitch ones.  But, Snuffy's bark is just soft and cute. 
 He is ten years old and his owner turned him into a shelter.  Why??  I don't understand lack of commitment to a pet.  To me, they are family.
Hannah says ADOPT MY FRIEND!

Sunday, September 29, 2019


 Hannah is having play time in the porch this morning.  I do not usually foster puppies we may get but here I am... w a puppy.  She is fun to watch
She is busy meeting the rest of the gang.  Well, maybe not
Mizmo. 🤣.  They all say happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 28, 2019


 My road trip the other day was to rescue Hannah.  She is four months old and was kept in a bathroom.  We named her Hannah-Berry.  My grandson named her and the Berry is in memory of my sweet Cranberry.
We are NOT accepting applications for her.   But, you will see lots of pictures 💖💖.

Friday, September 27, 2019


 Max slept the day away while I had a LONG rescue day.  I picked up Sugar Bit at school and off we went.  It was the second attempt to get a dog in need but we were going to try.
 We were successful and we went right to the vet.  The check up went well and then we came home.

Who is the fluff ball I picked up?   You will have to wait and see.  It was a long day though.  Today I’m going to try to recoup. I need it!

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Mizmo wasn't supposed to go to the vet yesterday-- but he must have a sixth sense because he loves to go in the car.  So, he LET ME KNOW that he was going, too.  Okay!
Max went to have a check up.    He's so thin that I just wanted some guidance on what was coming. 
Mizmo was just glad he came along to get the attention.  And he always gets attention at the vet-- they love him.
Where are my people who love me? 
They're coming-- but they gave him a nail trim-- oh no! He does not easily cooperate for this. LOL
Minnie had another ear infection-- and she lost some weight.   We know she's 14, and she's losing her vision.  She's deaf, too.  She has had some seizures, so we suspect a brain issue.   But, she has become Mama Minnie here.  She tells off Paddington-- and he listens!   Wow.
Max is 12.5 pounds now-- he is existing on???  We are not sure how he's still alive.  But, he is not in pain, he's eating (he just can't process the calories because of his kidneys), he wanders around, his tail is up.   He's not ready to leave us.   It will probably be soon, but...
It's NOT TODAY.  💙❤️

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Several of our alumni are spending the week at the beach-- it's still so nice outside, even though it's autumn.   Ming is gazing out at the ocean.
Allie Marie and Oshie are there. The look on Oshie's face though!  LOL
Fushi is the happiest girl in her new home.  Going from a life of abandonment to one of pure joy is showing on her face.
Oshie, Allie Marie and Taz are ready to surf!
Being at the beach is hard work.  Relaxing-- wow, who would think it would take so much energy.  Time for a nap.
They are headed in-- or are they headed back out?
Happy Pekes at the beach!! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Sebastian came into rescue in 2012.  We were told her was old, and that he was a Peke.   When I saw him, he was so neglected that we took him into rescue so he could die being loved. 
He had other ideas.  He had a haircut and medical treatment and he was much younger than we had been told.   And he had no intention of dying anytime soon. 
He was at Tiffany and Mike's home for fostering and he was so attached to them that they decided to keep him.  They now run Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary and take care of the most unwanted -- it is a mission of love.   Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary - Home
Sebastian was having trouble and he went to specialists for help.   There were masses in both lungs and nothing could be done to help him.  These are the hard times, when a rescuer must make a decision to let a dog go.   But, Tiffany and Mike knew there was no other choice.
So, Sebastian left this world with love around him-- just as he had lived the past seven years.   Run free now, sweet boy. 
Sebastian, you are missed. 💙


Jay Jay came into rescue in 2013 after her older owner could no longer care for him.  (He was a little wet after a dip in the lake LOL.)
Phyllis fostered him and..
Jay Jay was quite a challenge. 
He was with sweet "Pretty Penny" who was one of the Bristol 18. 
Penny was a character and loved her home.  She was very good with Jay Jay.
Her name was Katrina then, but her coloring made the name Penny fit perfectly.
Since Jay Jay had issues, his foster mom decided to keep him and give him a forever home.
He is a beautiful happy boy.  He's a senior now, and doesn't hear or see well, but he's happy and loved.   It doesn't get better than that!

Monday, September 23, 2019


 Magoo and his sisters and his mom and dad live in Florida. 
 This is how he felt about the hurricane that tried to come through there.  He was brave, though, and they all did fine.
 Magoo and China Doll (or is it China Doll and Magoo?) were safe in the care of their mom and dad.   Hurricanes can be scary!
 China Doll was a rescue who had cataract surgery and can see now!  It's amazing how vet care can do so much.
 Their daddy has been battling cancer and their mom's positive attitude and determination have inspired us all.   She is amazing.
 She doesn't believe in quitting.
 Magoo's mom has so much love in her and it was so nice to meet her at our picnic last year (2018).   We hope she can come again! 
We are all cheering them on and praying for them as they continue this battle-- I know Margie can feel the love from all over.  💜 (a purple heart because purple is Margie's color!)