Sunday, June 30, 2013


 Moi Moi lives in Australia.    She's a beautiful dog and her mom is a good friend of mine.    Moi Moi is getting a little older and her eyes began to droop-- I totally understand!  
 She would rather be out in the yard with CoCo, just relaxing and play....
 But, she had to have eye surgery to reduce the folds.   As she got older, the folds began to rub on her eyes and that can lead to scarring and/or blindness.    We don't want that!     Many of the Pekes we get in rescue have have this surgery-- called Nasal Fold Reduction.    Some already have scarring and we want to prevent loss of sight.     I know Moi Moi will feel better really soon!    For now, she has to wear her cone.  
Her mom's grandkids sent her a car-- I am sure that helped her feel so much better!   Get well soon, Moi Moi!

Saturday, June 29, 2013


 This is my Kai Kai-- he was a foster dog and no one adopted him.    Never could figure it out.
 He loves to be held and be near you.  Here he is with my daughter's father in law.   He would have taken Kai home if he could.  
 Kai Kai is around my grandkids and other dogs-- mine and fosters-- and he does great.  
 Here they are all vegging on the couch-- Let's see, all of them are gone now except for Kai Kai.
He is hoping Beach Bit will share some treats.   I don't think it will happen.
 He likes to curl up and veg out-- he is 8 years old now, so it's okay to slow down a bit.
 He's getting some gray on his face-- but I hope he lives a LONG time because this is one of my "heart dogs."     I'm crazy about him.
He poses with Starlight.     (She'll have a birthday in October.)     I love you, Kai Kai.   Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Friday, June 28, 2013


 This is Macaroon.    He came from a shelter in the western part of Virginia.
 He just got a summer cut and he loves it!  
 "It's too hot to have long hair!"
 He is a beautiful parti-color Peke and even though he has a little back leg weakness, he gets around great!   (I didn't notice any problem when I was taking his picture.)
 He is being fostered with Blond Bit and her cousin-- they know how to treat dogs.  
 I see your toy, Macaroon!
 Look at that beautiful smile!    
Macaroon loves his foster mom, but he would love to have his own forever home.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Look at these two HAPPY dogs!    Sassy Bug, the Malti-Peke and her brother, Charlie Brown, are in a shelter because their dad had to go into permanent care.   He said they are about 15 years old, but the shelter isn't sure about that because they are active and so friendly and sweet.     If you have the heart to give these two a forever home for the rest of their lives, you would be so rewarded.    It isn't their fault that their dad can't care for them anymore.     Let us know if you can help.    Email or    


 My Scooterbug just had a birthday-- he is 12 years old!  
 He is my greeter to all the new foster dogs who come here.   He's just so sweet.  
 His Daddy, Wicket, was a super sweet dog, too.
 And his mom, Lottie, is a dollbaby!  
 I had Scooter and his sister, Sweetpea.    They loved to help with the dishes.
 Look at that cute fluffy butt.
 Sweetpea had a perfect heart on her forehead.  
 She was an adventurous little thing!   Unfortunately, she died suddenly at 6 months old.   Scooter and I were both devastated.
 He was so sad that we got Cranberry.     Isn't she cute!
 Scooterbug was the cutest boy!    He LOVED to play and EAT!!!    That was his favorite thing.    He kept growing and growing... until he ended up at almost 19 pounds-- and no fat on him.
 Here he was curled up with Lottie and Cranberry.   All kinds of boxes make great dog beds.
 Scooter and Cranberry loved to be together.   They are still very comfortable with each other, both have medical issues, but they have a bond.
 Scooter (on right) and Cranberry loved all the fosters who came to visit-- Cranberry isn't such a fan anymore, but Scooter still loves when a new one shows up.
Happy 12th birthday to  my sweet boy!!  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 This young 2 year old came from a Maryland shelter-- he was freshly groomed, so why didn't someone claim him?
 Sarah picked him up-- he's out!      He was so excited!
 Sarah is helping with an extra foster since I can't foster right now (I had eye surgery this week and one more in a month).  
 Cody doesn't understand why he was abandoned.  He's wearing a belly band because he has a bladder infection and a bladder stone.    Surgery will probably be this week and he'll do fine after that.  
He is a super happy dog, he gets along with other dogs and is just a joy to be around.      And what beautiful markings and sweet face.
  If you'd like to adopt him, let us know!   I think he's looking for his new mom and dad!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


 Lily Kay is doing great!     She is almost ready to have her "mouth cast" removed.  
 It didn't slow down her eating, that's for sure.    She was so glad to have her bad teeth removed and her jaw stabilized that she went right back to eating very soft food.    (Imagine a plastic retained on your lower jaw all the time.)    
 She was a puppy mill dog and so she is shy.   She took time to trust, but now she will roll over for belly rubs.  
 She loves having freedom to sit in the yard, curl up by the plants and enjoy the sunshine--
It's a far cry from the cage she lived in before.
 Here's a close up of her mouth cast.    She isn't phased!     Loud noise can bother her, but she is doing much better.    After a life of being bred and having little human contact, she is doing so well.
She needs a home with someone who will help her with her shyness and continue to help her learn that she's worth loving.     This special little soul has so  much to give.  

Monday, June 24, 2013



 Jeanne bought this little swimming pool to use for the puppies.    It keeps them safe and the xpen around it to keep the other dogs out.    Don't want the other dogs getting too close to the puppies.
 I know Carter was excited when the puppies arrived-- in fact, all  the other dogs were VERY quietly sitting and watching as the puppies came.    They were mesmerized.
 I know all the puppy sounds are probably driving them crazy. :-)
 The puppies eat and squeak, and eat and squeak....
 Cici is just resting-- puppies are hard work!
 Soon, she can sit out on the deck with her buddies.
Her mom can relax in her Potomac Pekes chair...
or just relax in  her purple swing.   She may even swing one or two of the puppies there with her!  
I think Cici would like that!  Is she taking a break?
Puppies are calling!