Friday, June 28, 2013


 This is Macaroon.    He came from a shelter in the western part of Virginia.
 He just got a summer cut and he loves it!  
 "It's too hot to have long hair!"
 He is a beautiful parti-color Peke and even though he has a little back leg weakness, he gets around great!   (I didn't notice any problem when I was taking his picture.)
 He is being fostered with Blond Bit and her cousin-- they know how to treat dogs.  
 I see your toy, Macaroon!
 Look at that beautiful smile!    
Macaroon loves his foster mom, but he would love to have his own forever home.  

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda .... I would love "Roonie" !!!

I must say I do love a macaroon cake!!! LOL Very trendy in the tea shops here!